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Dr. Liz

As the daughter of a physician in a small town, I was fascinated by the medical field and the way my father impacted the lives of his patients. As an orthodontist, I’ve found nothing more fascinating than growth and development and watching how a face can change and how that can change a patient’s outlook on life.

My profession has given me the opportunity to really look at what is important in life, the impact we have when we take big risks, when we learn lessons from our good experiences, and more importantly from our bad experiences. Private practice humbled me in a way no other experience in life has. Through it, I learned to appreciate the sacrifices parents make to give their child something they really value; that you cannot appreciate the good days if you don’t have some bad days; that people come in all shapes and sizes, political persuasions, faiths, colors and backgrounds and that everyone is worthy of being treated with great dignity. I love what I do; it has been one of the great gifts given to me.

Education and Experience

I went to Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry to get my dental degree. I was privileged to study pediatric dentistry at the Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. While there I developed a strong interest in facial growth and development.  The orthodontic field in America at that time, however, was focused on moving (and extracting) teeth within the confines of the existing size and shape of the dentition using fixed braces to “straighten” teeth.

In Europe the focus was on ways to enhance facial growth and development so that teeth erupted to fit into beautifully formed smiles.  So I set off for Germany and studied at the University of Cologne where I received my Orthodontic Specialty Certification.  I returned to the U.S. and was re-certified in Orthodontics at the University of Florida.

This combination training shaped my approach to the treatment of my young patients.  Patients are elated to see the results of initial conservative (Phase I) care that often leads to less secondary (Phase II or re-treatment) care needed.  And the smiles we create are also ones that function well and stay beautiful for a lifetime.

I continue to search for new and innovative ways to approach care for children and adults.  Orthodontics is ever-changing and I am committed to continuing education for myself and my team. We search for ways to make treatment easier, faster, more effective, and more comfortable, all for my patients’ benefit.

Professional Affiliations

Outside the Office

Born in Munich, Germany, my parents immigrated to America and I spent my youth in Louisville, Ohio. I now live in Jacksonville with my two miniature Dachshunds, Meier and Nestle, who make sure I get my walks in and keep me humble. I love to read and will read just about anything. I am also a beekeeper, a hobby I started in Germany and continued in Florida. I am learning to appreciate swimming, exercising, and plan to start biking soon. Most often I dream of traveling again.

My community is very important to me, and I am as active as possible in order to improve the lives of those around me. I am currently Project Dentist Care Coordinator for the Northeast District Dental Association and a Delegate for the Florida Dental Association House of Delegates. When children from Afghanistan are brought in on the annual medical mission, I will participate in addressing their dental needs. I volunteer as faculty at the University of Florida, Department of Pediatric Dentistry, and teach the Facial Growth and Development Seminar. Additionally, I am a director on the Board of Directors for the Alexandria Condominium Association.

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Elizabeth K. Gesenhues, DDS, PA
491 Prosperity Lake Drive Suite 301
St. Augustine, FL 32092
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Elizabeth K. Gesenhues, D.D.S.


491 Prosperity Lake Drive Suite 301
St. Augustine, FL 32092
(904) 429-0095
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